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I’m baaaaaaack!

Some of you already know why I “left SL” for a while, but if you don’t, I’ll give you a short & sweet version of it: My life took a turn for the worse. My relationship of over 2 years ended abruptly, I failed an entire semester of college, and a few other major events that I won’t bore you with. However, the day before Christmas last year, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, and is struggling to fight it through chemotherapy at the moment. I realized that I needed an escape from real life, and Second Life became sort of my home away from home. Second Life is a world where cancer doesn’t exist.

Anyway, on to my actual blog post: This is short and sweet, and my pictures will be less than grand because I’m in desperate need of a new computer, and plan on purchasing one extremely soon. I’ve been meaning to blog this forever, but I wanted to show you guys my new adorable house 🙂

When I first saw the Sweetbox from Lya Chau on Gogo’s blog, I HAD to have it. It was just one of those things. The whole thing was “me”. And it’s reasonably priced, too!! Here’s the Xstreet Link.

Living Room area: “Ciel” Living Room Set by What Next (*guitar not included, it’s something from a previous house)

The Cute Little Hallway 🙂

The kitchen textures meshed PERFECTLY with my new MudHoney Kangjon Kitchen. It’s so adorable!!

My sweet little bedroom, with a bed from Ambiance Interactive Furniture. It has SOO many poses, and is wonderfully cute! Laptop pose is from Glitterati, and not included. Also, the strawberry lights are my own.

I love, love, LOOOVE the Seville Bath from Mudhoney. It comes with the cutest accessories & is reasonably priced. The bathroom might just be my favorite room in the whole house!!

The Sweetbox skybox comes with a few furniture items already, such as a cute little kitchen and an animated bathroom set. There are also 2 versions to rezz, furnished and unfurnished. This skybox is well worth the purchase!

Anyway, look for more from me soon 🙂 I’m very glad to be back; I’ve got lots of warm welcomes from many of you!



Sn@tch Goodies & Mango, Mango!

Yay! My 10th post! Happy Thursday All! I know I’ve been on a brief hiatus (could you call it that? lol) because I have a really bad cold, but today I’m feeling just a little better…..enough to blog!!

I went to the Enkythings Dollar Store today and picked up some things, one of which was a free box from Sn@tch! I love Sn@tch’s stuff…it’s always so edgy and hardcore!! Not to mention well-made!

I wanted to show you the cute Cropped & Torn top with the Red Plaid Bikini Top, and the cute Red Plaid Shirt that ties around your waist! I used to have a shirt like that in real life, and I loved that I could add it to a punk look!! All three of these items are in the Sn@tch free box, as well as a few other adorable items! Ivey even put a gory, awesome bloody tub in there!!

My hair is a freebie from Noveau Miranda (I blogged it in an earlier post). The boots are a group gift from Coco on the gift wall.
The Piano I’m posing on is a freebie at Glitterati Poses. It comes with 5 poses built in, or you can buy the regular version with 15 poses for $250L. The “Morgane Tan” skin is a subscribo gift from Mango, Mango!
These skins are dollarbie gifts at Mango, Mango! as well. From Left to Right: “Goldy”, “Citrus Pale”, and “Star Pale w/freckles”. They’re really beautiful…I love, love, love the glowy-ness on the face and body. They’re amazing skins for just $1L!
Mango, Mango! also has the “Aqua Opening” and “Purple & Proud” skins for $1L at their store. All of the dollarbie skins are in gift boxes right near the entrance. These are super pretty colors, I like them!!

Other Credits:
Hair: “Tamara” in Mirage by Truth
Eyes by Poetic Colors
Poses by Glitterati & Reel Expression

Swansong Free Kini & Oasis Furniture

Happy Thursday, All! Today I’ve got a really pretty furniture set to show you! I have previously blogged Oasis Furniture (because I love it) and today I want to show you the May Group Gift! It’s been out for a while now, but you can still hop on over and touch the subscribo to get it!!

The chairs and cushions are texture change via menu, and the set comes with all you see here! Except me, of course!!

Also, I want to show you this free bikini from Swansong. It’s so cute, I love the pattern!
This is the bikini in the “Jungle” color.
This is the bikini in the “Aqua” color.

And this is the back view of the bikini in the “Rust” color. It comes in a few more colors to choose from, with all layers. Also, the skin I’m wearing is free at Tuli! It’s wonderfully beautiful!

So, pick up your goodies today!!

Furniture Set: May Group Gift, Oasis Furniture ($0L)
Hair: “Chalice” in Mirage by Truth (not free)
Skin: “Kalista Base Skin” in light 01 by Tuli ($0L)
Bikini: “Penang Bikini” by Swansong ($0L)
Sunglasses: Past Group Gift from Garage ($0L)