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Happy Friday!!

Hi Guys! Happy FRIDAY!! I just love fridays….especially because that means Fifty Linden Friday! A few of the stores didn’t have their items out yet, but I picked up two superr cute things I want to show you!

The first is the Fifty Linden Friday Bikini from Doppelganger. It’s in a really pretty plaid color, and it also has sculpted ties on the hips, chest, neck, and back! It really puts me in a summery mood!

Also Shown Here: “Cassie” Hair in Happy Blond by, “Mystic” in Lapine, Pale 2 by L.Fauna, “Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals” in White by J’s (all previously blogged)

The second item is a cute bra & panty set from Whippet & Buck in a special floral print for FLF. It’s too precious, and comes in all layers. Shhh, don’t tell anyone I was out in public in my lingerie!

Also Shown Here: “Anna” in Happy Blond by, “Mystic” in Lapine, Pale 2 by L.Fauna, “Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals” in White by J’s (all previously blogged)

There are plenty of other Fifty Linden Friday items out there, and more to come from the shops that haven’t put their stuff out yet. This is one of the main reasons Fridays are my favorite!

The poses I used here are part of the FLF set from Long Awkward Pose! It comes with 10 poses, and it’s a deal!

All of my pictures shown here were taken at the Dekade Sim (previously KA designs). I saw it on Juicybomb, and it’s so pretty!


I’m so aDORKable!

Bonjour, all my lovelies! I meant to get this post out friday, but I had a RL photoshoot I had to do and I’ve been busy up until yesterday, but Blogger was being a real nuthead and not letting me post. Sooooo, late last week, aDORKable poses released two new pose sets, and they’re too adorable!

These poses are part of the wonderful “Feisty” set. There are a couple I’m not showing here (there are 10 poses included). The Giraffe Romper was katat0nik’s fifty linden friday item, and it’s TOO cute!
Shown Here:
Top Photo:Hair- “Eloise” in Swedish Blonde byTruth, Cardigan- “Early Morning Cardigan” in Violet byFishy Strawberry,Jeans- “Dana 76” in Dark byDecoy,Flats- “Molly Flats” byBaby Monkey(free!), Skin- “Lily v2” in Cedar-Girlie-(Lt/C) byExodi (free!)
Bottom Photo:Hair- “D.A.N.C.E.” in Platinum Blonde byTiny Bird(free!), Romper- “Giraffe Romper” bykatat0nik,Flats- “Basic Flats”,Skin- “Lily v2” in Cedar-Girlie-(Lt/C) byExodi(free!)

This pose is part of the “Cruisin” set, which is the second new release from aDORKable! It comes with super cute built-in poses, perfect for fun pictures!! My outfit here was part of the fifty linden fridays at Tres Blah.
Shown Here:
Hair- “Eloise” in Swedish Blonde by Truth, “Strapless Floral Outfit” byTres Blah, “Wide Waist Belt” in Fruit Punch by (free!), “Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals” in White byJ’s, “College Glasses” by Fishy Strawberry, “Citrus Pale” skin byMango, Mango!(dollarbie!)
aDORKable poses also has a really cute gift for subscribers out now, it’s a sweet little wagon! There are also a couple freebies in the store, and she gives out great gifts! This place has the neatest & most unique poses, and are always fairly priced!
visit aDORKable poses today!

More Sn@tch!!

Hey Guys, I went to the Sn@tch Mainstore today and I found something I HAD to show you!! This adorable bikini is free at Sn@tch!! It’s so nautical and cute….perfect for summer! I absolutely love nautical stuff, and this is too sweet!

My sunglasses are a past gift from Garage. The boots are free from Eva Footwear at the Dominion Fashion District. They’re great!! The disco ball is a past hunt item from Glitterati (it’s still out! shh!)

Hair: “Brit” in Champagne by Truth
Skin: Belleza Alyson Groupgift

Zombie Love!

Hi All! So, Darakon told me about a pose shop owned by one of his friends, Nia Smithson. It’s called Zombie Love, and even though she’s fairly new, her poses are super cute! I couldn’t find anyone to model the couples poses with (I will make sure to do it later, though!) but Nia had this little set of “birdy” poses out, which are too adorable! I had so much fun taking these pictures on the Butterdish sim with these poses!

This is the first pose in the set of three. It’s super cute!
This is the second pose!
And Here’s the third pose.

You can buy the poses separately for $25L each, or you can buy the pack of all three poses for just $50L. The birdie is included for free, or you can use your own bird, if you happen to have a massive collection of prim birds in your inventory or something.

I also picked up this SUPER adorable “Frozen Strawberry” necklace for just $50L. It’s really very detailed, and I think it’s too adorable! The necklace is mod/copy, so you can resize it if need be.

Go visit Nia at Zombie Love and show her some love!!

Other Stuff:
Hair: “Mena” in Champagne by Truth
Skin: “Elle” Groupgift in Med/Cleavage by Belleza
Sunglasses: Groupgift by Garage
Dress: “White Chiffon Dress” Groupgift by Zenith
Boots: Groupgift from Hoorenbreek

Seductive Friday!

This is an early Friday post (it’s 3:04am for me!) but I just had to show all of you these new goodies!

I’m part of the DSN Subscriber Network, and they send all kinds of good stuff to the members. Today, a skin by Schismphrenic Skins was sent to me, and I tried it on and fell in love! It’s really great quality, and I love the crazy, wild makeup! The skin is available in a couple other tones, and there’s a guy skin in the pack as well! If you TP to the store, they have a DSN Subscriber Network poster there, and all you need to do is click and join!

The lingerie set I’m wearing was from a notice sent to the FabFree group today. It’s by Eve’s Closet (not to be confused with Evie’s Closet) And it’s FREE! It’s really wonderfully detailed, and a great freebie!

I also found these free nipple pasties in a box by the free lingerie box. They’re pretty neat, too!
All of the poses I used here are by Long Awkward Pose, as a part of the female pack for Fifty Linden Friday today. You get 5 really great poses for $50L!

I also wanted to show you the detail on this skin. It’s a brand I’ve never heard of before, but I think the shading is really great! I love how creative the makeup is. I’m not too big of a fan of the way it looks on my face shape, but it’s sure to look great on others! Plus, it’s free!!

Go Grab your Friday Goodies!!

Hair: “Telephone” in Blonde by Ploom ($200L)
Skin: “Red Solstice” in Rita by Schismphrenic for DSN ($0L)
Lingerie: “Seduction” by Eve’s Closet ($0L)
Poses: Fifty Linden Friday Female Set by Long Awkward Pose ($50L)