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Good Vibrations

Hey everyone! How’s your summer going? Hopefully it’s full of fabulous! This post is inspired by and brought to you by popsicles and suntan lotion. 🙂


Look 1:
Kimono/Undershirt: Summer Kimono in Floral by Tres Blah (for SummerFest)
Shorts: Cut off Jeans Shorts in #7 by Maitreya
Shoes: Kokomo Sandals in Sand by Fri.day (SummerFest)
Necklace: Take Flight necklace in Silver by Mon Tissu


Look 2:
Bikini: Ariara Bikini in Watermelon by BOOM (Summerfest)
Shoes: Fruit Shoe Gacha by Boudoir (OMGacha Festival)


Look 3:
Bikini: Swimsuit in Stripes by Pixicat (Summerfest)
Shoes: Roma Pumps Gacha in Violet by *YS&YS* (OMGacha)
Bag: Velleri bag Gacha in Lemon by *YS&YS* (OMGacha)

I just love summer. Listening to The Beach Boys always helps me get in a summery mood!

Other Credits:
Hair in all 3 looks by Truth
Skin by Pink Fuel
Hands/Feet by Slink
Poses by Glitterati



Today is one of my only days off in a while, so I’m using it wisely! I created a simple look to share with you guys today. Want to know something funny? I created this whole look based around the “Everyday Heels” from fri.day, because I love them so much!

The top I’m wearing is part of the “Lili Sheer Blouse & Skirt” outfit from Mutresse. So many people have blogged this outfit already, but I couldn’t resist because it’s fantastic! The entire outfit is a mesh top & skirt that comes with a HUD that includes dozens of texture options…it even has add-on ruffly sleeves! The top/skirt can be worn together or separately. This is an outfit that can be worn again and again and again and again…….so many different ways!

You can still pick it up at Fameshed for a limited time (the new round will be starting soon!)


My heels are a newly released item from fri.day! They are made to wear on the Slink mesh feet (I just LOVE all the shoes being released that are compatible with the feet!). If you hurry, you can still pick them up today for just $50L for Fifty Linden Fridays. I love all the stuff Darling is releasing, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!

Hair: “Hollana” in Light Blondes 02 by Truth
Skin: “Harley” in Peach by Pink Fuel
Top: “Lili Sheer Blouse” by Mutresse (for Fameshed)
Jeans: “Zipper Jeans” in #2 by Maitreya
Heels: “Everyday Heels” in Moondust by fri.day (For FLF)
Earrings: “Babydoll Earrings” by Magic Nook (for TDR)
Bracelet & Rings: “Handmade Hearts” by Maxi Gossamer
Feet & Hands by Slink
Poses by Glitterati
Photo taken at Cheeky Tiramisu

Skipping over Halloween

Am I the only person on the planet that really just doesn’t like Halloween? I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but now it’s just gotten too big of a mess for me to enjoy. Years ago, you could only buy things like fake spiders and skeletons, which were a nice spooky touch without being too scary. But now, you can buy displays that include bodies that are cut in half and hanging from the ceiling, making some sort of horrific intestinal chandelier. When my RL fiance and I went to our local Halloween shop last weekend, I was pretty freaked out by all of the terrible looking things you could buy. There were people with children in strollers shopping in there, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the half-eaten bodies were affecting them at all. There was even one display with half a body cut open, and a possum was stuck inside the lower half. You would press a button and the possum would begin moving, and the “victim”, which resembled some kind of zombie, would writhe and yelp in pain. I know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but in my opinion, Halloween specialty stores should have just stuck to the fake ghosts and goblins. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good horror movie, but for some reason, Halloween and I just aren’t on speaking terms this year. Maybe I’m just a Debbie Downer, but I feel like the super gruesome things should be made only for the movies in Hollywood, not for your front yard. After all, those movies are rated “R” for a reason.

Anyway, in the spirit of my Halloween boycott, I figured that I would waste no time skipping right over Halloween to Winter in order to show you these coats! I first saw them on Love’s post on the FabFree Blog, and I went to pick up a copy for myself, because this is an offer too good to pass up if you’re in need of a plush winter coat!


The free group gift coat comes in 4 colors, and I’m showing you 2 here. It comes in green, red, black, and white, and it is mesh w/an included alpha layer. This coat is super fluffy and warm, for those days when you need extra layers!

Have a happy Halloween, everyone, and stay safe!!

Coat: Mesh “Pimp Coat” in Green & Red by Splash (Free Group Gift)
Jeans: Dana 76 in Dark by Decoy
Boots: Mesh Suede Boots in Brown by DollCoco (Free Group Gift)
Scarf: Autumn Scarf V1 by Bubble
Hair: Anna in Anxious Blond by Fri.day
Eyes: Ellis in Cloud by LeLutka
Skin: Elly in Honey/Angelic/LtBrow by Pink Fuel
Makeup: Doll Gloss in Beestung (for Elly) by Pink Fuel
Nails: Metallic Gradient Nails by Izzie’s

Poses by Long Awkward Pose & Tram
Photo Location: Winter Holiday Village

A Day in the SLife

I wanted to do something different today. Something inspiring and something fun. So I decided to create a series of pictures that show you “a day in my SL life”. They didn’t turn out totally like I wanted them to, partly because I’m broke & homeless in SL right now, so I pretty much had to use what was in my inventory. But I hope some of you can be inspired to do this, since it was really fun and I really want to do it again with better quality pictures & stuff. So, without further ado…..

Sunlight streams through my bedroom as I slowly open my eyes. I look down and see my little Corgi, Pepper, still snoozing beside me. I don’t want to get up out of bed…..I’m still so tired!

I put on my bedroom slippers and stumble to the kitchen, where I lazily make myself some coffee and toast. I settle down into one of my barstools from Mudhoney and read the morning newspaper at the kitchen island.

After the caffeine kicks in, I decide to wash the rest of the dishes I didn’t get to wash last night. It was a mistake leaving them out overnight, because now all the food is crusted on and they’re even harder to scrub!

While I was doing the dishes, it occurred to me that I also forgot to do laundry last night. I’m left with no choice but to run around the house and grab up all of my dirty laundry and stuff it into the washer. I went to lay back down on my bed and rest my eyes while I waited for my clothes to dry, and accidentally fell asleep. I wasn’t asleep for long, though, because the LOUD buzzer on the dryer startled me awake. There’s no picture of that, though, because I’d rather not give a visual on how lazy I am. I also had to drag out my ironing board to smooth out a few pieces before hanging them up.

I glance at the clock and realize I’m going to be late for class if I don’t hurry up and get ready. I quickly throw on a pair of jeans and a tank top, and sit down for a moment to hastily do my makeup.

I throw on a comfortable hoodie, grab my binder, and head out the door for class. Thankfully, I’m not late. I hardly ever dress up to go to class, because I feel like trying to look good distracts me from paying attention to my professors. When I’ve got on something homeless-looking, I can just focus on being comfy and not worrying about my outfit (lol).

After class is over, my evenings are usually spent studying or blogging. College takes up a lot of my life during the fall & spring. Right now, I’m working on getting my 4-year bachelor’s degree, and after that I’ll start working to get my PHD in counseling psychology. Well, at least that’s the way it is right now….I haven’t decided if I want to go for counseling psychology or forensic psychology yet. Either way, I spend a LOT of my time studying!

An evening spent studying deserves a nice, hot bubble bath as a reward!


Clothing/Hair/Makeup Credits:

Nightgown & Bedroom Slippers: “Night Night” in Sweetheart by Apple May Designs

Tanktop: “Basic Cami” by Fri.day (*Free!*)

Mesh Jeans: “Mesh Bootcut Jeans” by Slink (*Free!*)

Sandals: “Desert Sandals” by Surf Couture

Hoodie: “Zip Fleece Hoody” in Stripes Black/White by Foppish

Glasses: “College Glasses” by Fishy Strawberry

Makeup Worn:

Lips: “Sheer Balm” in Peach by Pink Fuel

Eyes: “Expressive Makeups” #6 by Ricielli (for Glamour Hunt, previously blogged)

Hair: “Carrie” in Happy Blond by Fri.day

Skin: “Elly” by Pink Fuel

Furniture & Etc. Credits

Bed: “Morning Tea Bed Set” by What Next

Corgi: AIF Friends

Kitchen Set: “Kangjon Kitchen” by Mudhoney

Washy Dishes Set: RC Cluster

Laundry Machines/Ironing Board/Accessories: RC Cluster

Dressing Table/Makeup/Accessories: “Maggie Dressing Table” by Sway’s

Desk Set/Armchair: “Blogger’s Office”, “Blogger’s Armchair” by What Next

Camera on Desk: “Lumoflex Camera” by Artilleri

Binder (in hand & spread out on desk): “Reeker Keeper” by Reek

Bathtub/Accessories: “Seville Bathroom Set” by Mudhoney

I’m baaaaaaack!

Some of you already know why I “left SL” for a while, but if you don’t, I’ll give you a short & sweet version of it: My life took a turn for the worse. My relationship of over 2 years ended abruptly, I failed an entire semester of college, and a few other major events that I won’t bore you with. However, the day before Christmas last year, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, and is struggling to fight it through chemotherapy at the moment. I realized that I needed an escape from real life, and Second Life became sort of my home away from home. Second Life is a world where cancer doesn’t exist.

Anyway, on to my actual blog post: This is short and sweet, and my pictures will be less than grand because I’m in desperate need of a new computer, and plan on purchasing one extremely soon. I’ve been meaning to blog this forever, but I wanted to show you guys my new adorable house 🙂

When I first saw the Sweetbox from Lya Chau on Gogo’s blog, I HAD to have it. It was just one of those things. The whole thing was “me”. And it’s reasonably priced, too!! Here’s the Xstreet Link.

Living Room area: “Ciel” Living Room Set by What Next (*guitar not included, it’s something from a previous house)

The Cute Little Hallway 🙂

The kitchen textures meshed PERFECTLY with my new MudHoney Kangjon Kitchen. It’s so adorable!!

My sweet little bedroom, with a bed from Ambiance Interactive Furniture. It has SOO many poses, and is wonderfully cute! Laptop pose is from Glitterati, and not included. Also, the strawberry lights are my own.

I love, love, LOOOVE the Seville Bath from Mudhoney. It comes with the cutest accessories & is reasonably priced. The bathroom might just be my favorite room in the whole house!!

The Sweetbox skybox comes with a few furniture items already, such as a cute little kitchen and an animated bathroom set. There are also 2 versions to rezz, furnished and unfurnished. This skybox is well worth the purchase!

Anyway, look for more from me soon 🙂 I’m very glad to be back; I’ve got lots of warm welcomes from many of you!