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If You Like Pina Coladas…

Good Afternoon, Loves! I just want to share a quick look with you, in case you haven’t already seen it! It’s the Minna bikini in pink from Zenith Fashion! This free bikini is in one of the three lucky boards at Zenith, and this one is set to 5 minutes. It’s really pretty!

The bikini is wonderfully detailed and it comes with this pretty wrap!
I’m pairing it here with the groupgift flip flops from Hucci.
It’s a very sexy edition to any wardrobe, not to mention that it’s shiny AND pink!!

So, if you haven’t already, make your way over to Zenith now and stalk the lucky board! There are also two other lucky boards, and a ton of beautiful group gifts on the wall next to the boards!!

Happy Hump Day! ❤

Hair: “Chalice” in Champagne by Truth (not free)
Skin: “Elle” Groupgift skin in Med/Cleavage by Belleza ($0L)
Necklace: Gift from Phoenix Rising (no longer available)
Bikini: “Minna” in pink on the lucky board at Zenith ($0L)
Shoes: Hucci flip flop groupgift ($0L)


Monday Retro!!

Good Morning, my lovelies! I hope everyone’s Monday is going splendidly! Today, I want to show you a retro look I put together rather quickly this morning. You may already know about these awesome gifts, but I’m posting them just in case you don’t!

This cute little cardigan is the subscribo gift from Artilleri! It also comes with a cute little flower hairpin (not shown). It’s so well detailed, and it was my inspiration for my retro look today. I’d totally wear this irl!

I paired the cardigan with pants from Aqua (part of the “High Flyer” outfit) and shoes from Trixxy’s Shop that I got on the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt (no longer available).
The clear tote bag is a group gift from Coco. They have many other cute group gifts on the wall (when you tp in, go through the door and to the right.) The bag is sculpted and filled with girly goodies!
This “Amazonia” hair is a freebie from Nouveau Miranda. It’s so messy and sexy, I love it! My necklace is the “Triple Heart” freebie necklace from It’s Cake. The sunglasses are a group gift from Garage.

This skin is the “Lily v2” subscribo gift from Exodi. I’ve read some negative reviews on Exodi skins in the past month or so, but when I tried it on, I really didn’t see much to complain about. I love the face, especially the girly pink lips. I think it’s a good looking skin, and plus, it’s free, and comes in 4 different skintones, each with dark/light brow and cleavage options.

That’s about it for my retro-ish look for today, so don’t hesitate and go grab your goodies before they’re gone!!
**All Photos (except the last) were taken at the Artilleri Sim**

Skin: “Lily v2” in Cedar (Lt/c) by Exodi ($0L)
Hair: “Amazonia” in Beach Blonde by Nouveau Miranda ($0L)
Hair (last picture): “Tamara” in Champagne by Truth (not free)
Cardigan: “Marion” subscribo gift in pink by Artilleri ($0L)
Pants: “High Flyer” pants by Aqua (part of a set)(not free)
Tote Bag: “Gift Tote Bag” in pink by Coco (also in black)($0L)
Sunglasses: Groupgift from Garage ($0L)
Necklace: “Triple Heart Necklace” by It’s Cake ($0L)
Shoes: “Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift” by Trixxy’s Shop (no longer available)

Zombie Love!

Hi All! So, Darakon told me about a pose shop owned by one of his friends, Nia Smithson. It’s called Zombie Love, and even though she’s fairly new, her poses are super cute! I couldn’t find anyone to model the couples poses with (I will make sure to do it later, though!) but Nia had this little set of “birdy” poses out, which are too adorable! I had so much fun taking these pictures on the Butterdish sim with these poses!

This is the first pose in the set of three. It’s super cute!
This is the second pose!
And Here’s the third pose.

You can buy the poses separately for $25L each, or you can buy the pack of all three poses for just $50L. The birdie is included for free, or you can use your own bird, if you happen to have a massive collection of prim birds in your inventory or something.

I also picked up this SUPER adorable “Frozen Strawberry” necklace for just $50L. It’s really very detailed, and I think it’s too adorable! The necklace is mod/copy, so you can resize it if need be.

Go visit Nia at Zombie Love and show her some love!!

Other Stuff:
Hair: “Mena” in Champagne by Truth
Skin: “Elle” Groupgift in Med/Cleavage by Belleza
Sunglasses: Groupgift by Garage
Dress: “White Chiffon Dress” Groupgift by Zenith
Boots: Groupgift from Hoorenbreek

Rock Me Amadeus, I LOVE You!

Happy (very early for me!) Saturday to everyone!! This morning I went shopping at one of my favorite lingerie stores, Rock Me Amadeus, and found lots of great goodies to show you!! The first is a dollarbie (which changes ever so often so grab it now!) and it’s a set of great Micro Tops! I’m wearing it in my favorite color, Hot Pink!

I also found a box labeled “Clothes Box May 2010” on sale of $50L beside the dollarbie, and when I bought it and opened it, I found some REALLY awesome stuff! The box is absolutely filled with great stuff that’s no longer sold. It’s all a collection of discontinued items, which makes it so easy to mix and match!! Seriously, it’s so much stuff that I can’t even show you here, but I did pick out my favorites to share!
1: “French Knicker” in Red
2: “Diva” Swimsuit in Blue
3: “Camo Shorts” in Army
4: “Latex Zip” in Black
5: “Kaley” top in Blue with Low-Rise Pants (without belt) and prim pant cuffs

Hurry to Rock Me Amadeus and get this amazing box of goodies for just $50L! And don’t forget to pick up the dollarbie and slap the Midnight Mania board as well! Oh, and if you feel so inclined, click the green vote box in the corner to vote for Rock Me Amadeus!!

Other Credits:
Hair: “Brit” in Champagne by Truth
Skin: “IFE Light-Vamp” Light Brows by Lelutka
Feet: “Jolie Pied Barefoot” in High by Slink

Seductive Friday!

This is an early Friday post (it’s 3:04am for me!) but I just had to show all of you these new goodies!

I’m part of the DSN Subscriber Network, and they send all kinds of good stuff to the members. Today, a skin by Schismphrenic Skins was sent to me, and I tried it on and fell in love! It’s really great quality, and I love the crazy, wild makeup! The skin is available in a couple other tones, and there’s a guy skin in the pack as well! If you TP to the store, they have a DSN Subscriber Network poster there, and all you need to do is click and join!

The lingerie set I’m wearing was from a notice sent to the FabFree group today. It’s by Eve’s Closet (not to be confused with Evie’s Closet) And it’s FREE! It’s really wonderfully detailed, and a great freebie!

I also found these free nipple pasties in a box by the free lingerie box. They’re pretty neat, too!
All of the poses I used here are by Long Awkward Pose, as a part of the female pack for Fifty Linden Friday today. You get 5 really great poses for $50L!

I also wanted to show you the detail on this skin. It’s a brand I’ve never heard of before, but I think the shading is really great! I love how creative the makeup is. I’m not too big of a fan of the way it looks on my face shape, but it’s sure to look great on others! Plus, it’s free!!

Go Grab your Friday Goodies!!

Hair: “Telephone” in Blonde by Ploom ($200L)
Skin: “Red Solstice” in Rita by Schismphrenic for DSN ($0L)
Lingerie: “Seduction” by Eve’s Closet ($0L)
Poses: Fifty Linden Friday Female Set by Long Awkward Pose ($50L)