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Last Minute

I love fall. I love the beautiful, rich colors, the pumpkin spice smells, and the cool weather. Summer is my absolute favorite season, but Fall is definitely a close second. I didn’t take these pictures in a particularly “Fall” setting, but this look I put together reminds me of something I’d wear during the beginning of Fall, when it isn’t too cold. I simply adore this look because it’s so cute and casual. One thing I love the most about Fall? CUTE BOOTS!


I also really love Italy, and I have always wanted to visit. My family has deep Sicilian roots (Sicily is the large island off the coast of Italy) and I’d love to go see some of the family I still have left there. Not to mention I can’t get enough Italian food and I love wine! I took these pictures on the sim “Solaria”, which is a beautiful Italian-themed sim with lots to see. It takes a while for everything to rez, but it’s definitely worth exploring!


I got this top today from Paper.Doll at the Rummage Sale, which includes the designers: Paper.Doll, Pink Fuel, Atomic, Aura, Ploom, and Riddle. The items are mostly old items that were sold previously, but they’re all still great quality and at AMAZING deals (this top was only $25L!) The event is only going on for a week, so hurry and pick up some awesome stuff!

Also, today is the last day of the Elikatira 70% off sale (ends Monday, October 1st), so make sure you stop by there as well. Most of the hairs are marked down to $66L, which is a huge bargain considering how beautiful Elikapeka Tiramisu’s styles are. The shoes are also 70% off, so hurry and get those sweet bargains while you still can!

Finally, Happy Sunday, guys! Hope your weekend was fantastic, and hope your week is even better! XOXOXO


Top: “Ana” in Pool by Paper.Doll (for the Rummage Sale, ends next Friday, Oct.5 (I think))

Jeans: “Dana 76” in Dark by Decoy

Boots: “Secret Boots” in Cocoa by Elikatira (70% off sale ends Monday, Oct. 1!)

Necklace: “Double Row Necklace” by Glow Studio (for the FabFree Hunt, ends today!)

Hair: “Mood” in Blonde 07 by Elikatira

Skin: “Elly” in Honey/Angelic/LtBrow by Pink Fuel

Eyes: “Ellis” in Cloud by LeLutka

Eyelashes: Mesh Eyelashes by Maitreya (Free Group Gift)

Makeup: Eyes: “Express Mascara” in Two Coats by Boom Lips: “Juicy Gloss” in Cantaloupe by Pink Fuel

Poses by Glitterati

Photo Location: *SolAria*




This kind of love is getting expensive,
We know how to live baby,
We’re luxurious like Egyptian cotton……
“Luxurious” by Gwen Stefani

This dress is a new Subscrib-o gift at Hucci that was sent out a few days ago. It’s mesh, and a cute mesh miniskirt in a peachy/salmon color is also included in the gift (but not shown). I absolutely love this dress, it’s so well made and is so sexy! It’s perfect for a night out….I wish I had this dress in real life!

My pearl necklaces & bracelets are from Lassitude & Ennui. They were part of the “If I Were Rich” hunt, which is over, but you can probably buy them in-store. They’re beautiful and go with so many outfits.

Anyway, Happy Friday! Hope y’all have a great one! ❤


Dress: “Calvi” in Rose Smoke by Hucci (Free Subscrib-o Gift!)

Shoes: “SENSE Xtreme Heel” by N-Core

Jewelry: “Opulence” Pearl set in Multicolor by Lassitude & Ennui

Hair: “Chalice” in Champagne by Truth

Skin: “Elly” Angelic in Honey/ltbrow by Pink Fuel

Eyes: “Ellis” in Cloud by LeLutka

Eyelashes: Mesh Eyelashes by Maitreya (Free Group Gift!)

Makeup: Eyes: “Express Mascara” in Two Coats by BOOM Lips: “Glam Lipstick” in Burgundy by Pink Fuel

Poses by Diesel Works

Photo Location: Tony Tas Town


Rockoil (by Scarlet Felicci) just released a couple of new things! The first is a long mesh dress, called “Charon”, with a checkerboard print at the neck in the front, and a skull/checkerboard print in the back. I forgot to ask Scarlet if her mesh is standard sizing, but I’m pretty sure it is.

The dress comes with the badass arm & hand accessories, as well as the mask.  “Charon” also comes in a light & dark version. I feel very sultry and secretive in this, like I could get away with anything! *wink*

The next outfit is perfect if you love music from The Misfits! It comes with two different versions, the mesh “Misfits” top shown above with the logo print mesh pants, and the “Hands” mesh top shown below with system pants (with included sculpted cuffs). I’m also wearing the fishnet underpants layer that comes with it, which can be layered however you like. The arm warmers/gloves are also included! This outfit is totally punk, and I love it.

Pick up these awesome designs at Rockoil today!

Other Credits:

Jewelry: “Vintage Pearls” in “Black” by Dark Mouse (free at FabFree Headquarters!)

Shoes: “Punk Chucks” in Black by Rebel Alternative Wear

Hair: “Sam” mesh hair in “Fire” by Truth (New Subscribo Gift!)

Skin: “Elly” Angelic in “Honey” (lt brow) by Pink Fuel

Makeup: “Redqueen” Makeup by Miamai (past gift)


Oh, Janie!

I decided to go check out Jane (by Janie Marlowe) the other day after seeing some of the stuff blogged on the Free*Style blog. And let me tell you, I fell in love with this store the minute it all rezzed. Everything in this store just screamed at me to buy it. Unfortunately, I am seriously the most broke and destitute person you’ll ever meet in RL right now, because of bills/expenses/college/books/etc, so I didn’t buy anything but I think I tried on every single demo in this store. What made me smile the most was there are several freebies throughout the store, just waiting to be picked up! But they’re kind of disguised, because they’re sitting in with the regular, not-free stuff, but they are still clearly labeled as freebies!

This is what I was like when I first entered the store: “NOO! EVERYTHING IS MINE! ALL MINE!”

Here is the “Needful Things” romper. It’s free in store, and comes in so many colors that it’s not even funny. I’m not even going to attempt to count them all…..I’m just showing you 4 of my favorite colors: Quarry, Avocado, Strawberry, and Honey. The rompers come in all layers, and they’re too cute!

This is the “Scalloped Undies” pack. It includes 6 pairs of panties, shown here, in underpant/pant layers. They’re too cute, and they’re all FREE!

These “Intrinsic Tanks” are an awesome freebie. These also come in about as many colors as the “Needful Things” Rompers, and I’m showing you 4 of my favorite colors from the pack: Eggplant, Eucalyptus, Milk, and Chocolate. These tanks come in undershirt/shirt/jacket layers, and they are perfect for layering! I’m amazed at how generous Janie Marlowe is, because there are literally SO many colors!

The top of this picture is showing off an adorable feature of Janie’s store: The “Build-Your-Own-Bikini” section. There is a mind-blowing number of combinations to choose from, and each piece is only $25L! Plus, as an added bonus, you can get a really cute crocheted cover-up in 3 shades of white for FREE! I know it’s just the start of fall, but it’s never too late to stock up on possibly every color or style of swimsuit you could think of.

The bottom part of this picture is just showing off some of the pretty things in-store. Most of Jane’s items are mesh, but there are a few non-mesh and sculpted/prim items as well. Like I said earlier, I think I tried on every single demo for every product in this store, and everything is so well made and beautiful. Janie Marlowe’s style is exactly what I’ve been looking for in SL. This store ranks right up there with my favorite store, Mon Tissu.

The last thing I want to show you is the absolutely gorgeous dress you get just for subscribing to Jane’s update group. It comes in two colors, Navy (shown here) and Khaki (not shown). It is mesh and is in standard sizing, and it’s so well made. It’s one of those rare pieces that is so simple but beautiful that it can be dressed up or worn casually.

Well, that’s it for today! If you haven’t already visited Jane, you should most definitely do so! Her mesh clothes are absolutely gorgeous and well-priced, and I promise it is well worth the visit! Love you! XOXO

Other Credits:

Top Picture:

Hair: “Krystal” in Champagne by Truth

Top: “Fab Top” in Cream by Purple Moon (FabFree Hunt)

Jeans: Mesh Jeans (*FREE*) by Slink

Bottom Picture:

Necklace: “Tea Time” by LouLou&Co.

Boots: “Marina” in Tan by Slink

Other Pictures:

Hair: MeshHair No.00 in Copper Blonde by RedMint (*FREE* gift in-store)

Eyes: “Ellis” eyes in Cloud by Lelutka

Skin: “Elly” in Honey (Angelic-lt brow) by Pink Fuel

Poses by Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose, and


Rockoil is a really neat goth, metal, cyber, grunge, punk, and urban style store. The owner, Scarlet Felicci, contacted me and asked me to check out her store. It’s pretty awesome and has a lot of potential.

This first look is called “Vintage”, and it’s a cute set of jeans (including sculpted cuffs), 3 bra tops, and a set of really cute pasties that are adorably printed band-aids. The jeans are actually purple, so don’t let my red tinting in the next 3 photos throw you off. I’m showing each of the 3 bra tops included below.

I put together this outfit from two items. The first is a tube top, called “Twin”, and it’s got two pistols on the front. It’s perfect for layering into your outfit….and because of my RL Fiance, I’m into guns so I liked this! The second part is a pair of black jeans (including sculpted cuffs) that are normal in the front, but have a surprise in back! They are appropriately named, “Back Door”, and I actually really like these. I’m not normally the kind of person to wear stuff that openly shows off my butt, but I like these because they’re subtlety sexy. They kinda remind me of chaps!

The last thing I want to show you is a pair of super cute shoes, called “Miss Spring”. They’re a really pretty mint green and feature cute, printed bows. They come with a resize and color changing HUD, although I had some issues getting them tinted to my feet. Of course, I have never been able to tint anything perfectly, no matter what product it is, so don’t take my word on it. It’s an easy HUD and has the option to tint with RGB, which, of course I forgot to turn off the “show color under cursor” thing while taking the picture, so that’s why you see tiny text on parts of the shoes. That part is not included, it’s just my careless mistake!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a cute, affordable style, check out Rockoil. There are plenty more items than what I’ve shown here, and she even has some mesh stuff out right now, too. Scarlet is very friendly, and I just love the store’s name. I think it’s so creative…..”Rockoil” is catchy and just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Other Credits:

Hair: Truth

Skin: “Spotted Love-Elly” by Pink Fuel

Eyes:“Ellis Eyes” in Cloud by Lelutka

Choker: “Baroque Darkness Choker” by Silk & Satyre

Pearls: “Opulence Pearls” by Lassitude & Ennui

Lipstick: “Glam Lipsticks” in Burgundy by Pink Fuel

Mascara: “Two Coats” by BOOM

Eyeliner: “Smoky” in #3 by Tuli

Poses: “Locked Up” by Glitterati