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Stylies! Skin Nominees?

Hi Guys! I’m back from the insane but wonderful world of Orlando, Florida! It was a pretty great vacation…I feel so relaxed and renewed! Anyway, the “Stylies” (like the Oscars/Grammys for SL Fashion) are coming up (more info here), and I decided to have a little fun and nominate my favorites! My first nominations will be skins. I went through my whole inventory and picked out various skins & skin demos, and the result was 13 lovely nominees!

I’m going to review these skins, one by one, until I find the “Best Female Skin Designer” (in my humble opinion, of course). My goal is to find a good new skin designer, as well as an old one. Normally, I only say really positive things in my reviews, but I’ve decided to change that. I’m going to be brutally honest when reviewing these skins. So, without further ado, meet my choices for Best Skin Designer!

1) Exile by Kavar Cleanslate.

The Good: Exile has come a long way from what they once were. I have gift skins from there that are less than attractive, but the newest Chloe skin is really nice. The Bad: The body could definitely be shaded more. I feel like the breasts are a little too rounded or something.

2) League by Nena Jaus

The Good: I was pleasantly surprised at how good this skin looks on my shape. I love the dark liner around the eyes on all the makeups, and the body is fantastic. The Bad: The body looks WAY too much like Belleza’s. The shadings are very similar, especially the breasts and lady parts. I feel like there are too many similarities between the two skins.

3) Belleza by Tricky Boucher

The Good: I’ve always loved Belleza skins, especially for the face. And this Elle skin is no exception. The face is so smooth and gorgeous, and the body is phenomenal. The Bad: I don’t really like the way the mouth corners are shaded…no matter how I adjust my shape, my avatar always looks like she’s frowning.

4) Laqroki by Mallory Cowen

The Good: Oh, Laqroki….your skins never cease to amaze me. It’s hard to find one imperfection on this skin. It’s got such a gorgeous, beachy glow. The Bad: On some levels I feel that the glow is a little overdone. The lips on this skin don’t really suit my shape very well…they look a little strange.

5) Lara Skin by Lara Hurley

The Good: I do like the bold colors in the makeup here. The body is very nicely shaded…it’s a little similar to Laqroki’s body shading, but not too noticeable. The Bad: The lips are super sloppy here, almost disappointingly sloppy because they’re a main focus (since they are bright pink). They’re not really shaded well, and they just look…well, painted on. Also, I do wish the tattoo on the skin was removable, but this was a group gift skin, so I’ll live with it 🙂

6) Minajunk by Mina Jun

The Good: I like that this skin is different. The cheeks are a pretty rosy color, and the lips are cute. The Bad: What the hell happened with the pubic area?? It looks like she just got tired and drew some straight pixely lines for hair down there. Also, what’s up with the nose? It’s super sloppy. The breasts look like cut & paste art almost, because they’re a completely different shade than the rest of the body. I know this skin is supposed to be kind of “ugly”, but to me, these are details that can’t be overlooked when you need quality.

7) Lelutka by Minnu Palen

The Good: Minnu has a good reputation for making amazing skins, and this one is no exception. The body is well shaded and realistic. I’ve always loved the shading on the stomach. The Bad: I hate, hate HATE these lips! They look well in need of some chapstick! Also, the eyebrows on Lelutka’s skins have always bothered me…they look a little like a bad plucking job.

8 ) Apple May Designs (AMD) by Apple May

The Good: Apple May is actually new to me, and this skin is super cute! It’s a pretty, glowy color and the body shading is rather nice and realistic. The Bad: I don’t know what’s up with those nipples, but something’s not right. Also, the bottom lip shading looks a little weird…kind of like the effect you get when you apply too much lipgloss and it runs off your lips.

9) Cupcakes by Mimi Coral

The Good: Like Exile, Cupcakes has come a long way with skins over the years. The shading has gotten better, the faces prettier, and the makeup sexier. I LOVE the eyes and lips on this face…the makeup is so feminine and beautiful! The Bad: The body is just a little off to me…somehow the shading is kind of unrealistic, and the breasts are shaded a teeny bit too round.

10) Curio by Gala Phoenix

The Good: Mmmm, Gala Phoenix’s skins have always been so, so yummy! I’m in love with the lips and the nose here. As always, the body shading is scrumptious, and the eyebrows perfect. The Bad: I’ve always thought Gala’s skins had a little too much pink tint to them, but that’s just me.

11) L.Fauna by Launa Fauna

The Good: L.Fauna is new to me as well, and I love this face! It’s so feminine and innocent. The body shading is a nice refreshing change of pace…it’s natural and not as muscular. I LOVE the breast shading here; it doesn’t go over the top of the breasts too much. Also, the little space in between the lips is so cute! The Bad: The shading underneath the nose is way too dark in my opinion. It kind of gives a rudolph effect, haha.

12) Mango, Mango! by Sileny Noel

The Good: I love that Mango, Mango’s skins are great quality for a low price. The body shading is really pretty and glowy, and this was actually a dollarbie skin! The Bad: The breasts could be shaded a little bit better..they’re looking awfully flat.

13) Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena

The Good: Oh my word, these lips! I’m in heaven! These lips are most likely the most realistic ones I’ve ever seen in SL. They’re so plump and juicy! Also, the freckles and face shading is really cute! The Bad: I wanted to buy this skin so badly, but after trying on the demo I realized it wasn’t for me, no matter how much I love it. The shading under the eyes just looks horrible on me, but it looks amazing on other avies. The bellybutton is a bit pixelated.

Well, there you have it! Let me quickly remind all of you that the opinions shared here are mine, and they’re just my lame criticism. So, if you’re the designer of one of these skins, or you know the designer, don’t be offended by my thoughts. I base my opinions on comparisons to other skin brands’ quality. Thank you for reading this, and feel free to fire back at me or share your own opinions in the comments.

Which skin designer do you think is the best? I’ll share my final selection later *wink*