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Some really Good Shit!

So, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t written in a while. Most of you know why, but for those of you who are out of the loop I’ll let you in. My rl boyfriend of over 2 years decided that this week was a lovely time to just break it off, without any reason as to why…so my heart’s been kind of in shambles since, and I haven’t felt like writing or doing anything, really. Today, I’m in a rarely better mood though, and I wanted to show you guys two quick looks I put together this morning.

The Good Shit Hunt is still underway, and I can proudly say it’s the only hunt I’ve ever finished, lol. It was actually relatively easy, and there are some wonderful gifts! Here is the official blog for the hunt, and Here is a list of hints to help you!

My pictures are getting really sucky lately, aren’t they? Haha. This first look is super cute, and actually mostly free! The cute top is part of the GSH prize from Pig, and it comes with other layers and a collar without the tie. The high-waisted jean skirt is the newest freebie from Willow. I just love Willow’s freebies, she always gives out the best stuff (and still has a couple of freebies in the mainstore if you haven’t gotten them already!). You can also take the prim off the skirt and just wear it as shorts too! It’s to celebrate the new release of an adorable set of high waisted shorts…so cute! This look is very simple, but looks cute and schooly as well, so I added the College Glasses from Fishy Strawberry to the mix (they’re texture change, and include gemstone options! totally worth it!)

Also, my skin is the newest groupgift from Cupcakes, to celebrate their gorgeous new Dahlia skin line. It’s very pretty! The details aren’t quite as nice as I’d like them to be, but it’s a big improvement so far! The face is lovely!

Other Stuff: “Iris 2” in Swedish Blonde by Truth, Clear tote bag in Black by Coco, Basic Pumps in White by, Poses by Glitterati.

And, since I’ve been feeling really depressed lately, I put together a cute, fun outfit to dance around the house in. Actually, if you want to know a secret, I do this a lot in real life when I get bored. I dance around my house (when it’s empty, of course! hehe) with my microphone, blast happy music, and sing until my heart’s content.

My jeans are the GSH prize from (so cute!), and my top under the jacket is part of the GSH prize from Sn@tch (it’s an adorable vintage dress!). My hoodie is the Laundry Day Hoodie by Reek (who is also in the hunt, and the prize is a huge set of goggles & flippers!). My adorable microphone pose is called Rock The Mic, and it’s part of the GSH hunt gift from RC Cluster.

Other Stuff: Miss Southern Belle in Champagne by Exile, Dahlia groupgift skin from Cupcakes.

The gorgeous living room set I’m being silly in is the gorgeous Ciel Living Room Set from What Next. It’s wonderful!

I hope all of you have a fantastic day, and if you haven’t already started on the Good Shit Hunt, now’s your chance! And, if you’re still working on it, good luck, and keep on! There are only 47 stores in total…so far, it’s the easiest and best hunt I’ve done yet!

Hugs & Kisses xoxo


Happy Friday!

So, I kinda pretty much failed at the BBBC Challenge….I guess it’s better to admit defeat than try and be in denial or whatever. Some RL things happened this week that kept me tied up, and I couldn’t blog like I wanted to. I’m really kinda dissappointed in myself, because I was looking forward to completing it…..but some things just don’t work out, I guess.

Anyway, a huge reason of why I look forward to fridays, is of course, Fifty Linden Fridays. There wasn’t a whole lot this week that I was excited about (as opposed to every other week when I want EVERYTHING). However, I did put together a small look with my favorite FLF item from Epoque. It’s SO adorable, and I’m a complete sucker for vintage stuff.

The outfit from Epoque comes with the strapless bra and high waist shorts in several layers.

The beautiful pearl necklace I’m wearing is the FLF item for today at DECO. It’s the Scalloped Pearl Necklace in Pink, and it’s sooo pretty! I love the delicate look of pearls.

My awesome hair is from Ploom, called “Telephone” in blonde. My skin is the new groupgift from Exile, a special edition of the Chloe skin (touch the subscriber then check the notices). My heels are the Classic Pumps in White by! Poses are by Glitterati and myself.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy friday today!


BBBC: Day Three…Breakfast Rant.

Let’s be civil about this. And Let’s be honest.

I missed Day Two. *gasp*

I’m a very bad person, I know. 🙂

I was going to try and write a quick, crappy post for Day Two and post it today, but I knew I’d never forgive myself, and it just wouldn’t seem right or fair. SO, I’ve kinda failed at the challenge….but only one day. Do I still get a B+ instead of an A?

Anyway, today I figured I’d share with you a little bit about my Real Life….which happens to be about Monday and Tuesday morning….and possibly why I’m getting signs that I should eat breakfast at home. I normally don’t even eat breakfast, unless it’s like a banana or some toast or something, but for some reason, these past two mornings I really wanted something hot & delicious (get your mind out of the gutter!) The stories are kind of uneventful, like nobody died in them or anything, but I’m going to bore you with them anyway.

Monday Morning: I woke up at like 6am with a failed attempt to go back to sleep, so I got out of bed at 7am and went to get my mom & myself breakfast. I’d get my dad breakfast, but he has to leave at like 7am, and he’s on a diet anyway. 😛 Some mornings I like to treat my mom, because I know she really doesn’t have time to go get her own breakfast in the mornings, so I do her a favor, blahblah. Anyway, I hadn’t driven at least 1/8 of a mile from my house before this dumb cat decides it wants to give me my morning heart attack. Yes, I saw it, and it saw me, but why it decided to run out in front of my car probably baffles both of us. It was SITTING on the side of the road, clearly out of the path of my car. But, because this has happened before…..I slowed down in case this cat didn’t have any brains. (the last cat did not survive…..I literally screamed for 5 straight minutes after I hit it.) I looked at the cat, the cat looked at me, and it made a beeline for the other side of the road, right under my tires. So naturally, I literally SLAM on the brakes. Now, I don’t mean I slammed on them easily. I’m just going to say that cat must have angel kitties watching over it, because getting a Honda Civic to stop on a dime when going 40mph ain’t no easy job. I also have this weird reflex, that if I think I’m going to hit something, I grip the steering wheel really tight and close my eyes and kind of grit my teeth….I’m sure it’s a hilarious face…..maybe I’ll show you sometime. (fat chance) When I opened my eyes, I saw the cat with all its limbs (and even fur) intact, running away from the road. By this time, my heart was in my butt, so I wasn’t really in the mood for food, but I continued on anyway. Well, something must have gone awry with my car, because it started making this awful squealing noise….it usually only does it when it rains and I turn the wheel. You have to have heard this particular squeal from a car before…cuz I promise, you can’t just imagine it. It’s LOUD. And it got LOUDER. By the time I got to Hardee’s, it was SO loud that the people on the drive-up speaker couldn’t even hear my order. And after all that, the really gross guy that handed me my food HIT on me, squealy car and all. I was ready to call it a day, and it wasn’t even 8am yet.

Tuesday Morning (today): I was craving pancakes. Badly. And the only place around here that has those is McDonald’s. So I drove my happy butt to Mickey D’s, but by the time I got there, I didn’t want pancakes anymore (I’m indecisive, I know) I’d never had a McMuffin before, and I’ve heard they were super good. So, I ordered a sausage & egg McMuffin and a Mocha Frappe. I opened up the muffin package, took a bite, and was instantly disgusted. There was grease literally dripping off the package onto my shirt. And I significantly remember telling them I wanted sausage & EGG, but the EGG seemed to have gotten up and walked off the muffin before it got to me. At least the frappe was super good…..but that’s the first and last time I order a McMuffin of ANY kind, egg or not.

I hate kinda being a rebel and not writing about the day’s topic…..but then again, it’s kind of who I am. I’ve always been a person to go against the grain….a rebel without a cause, if you will. All through high school (and college now, too), I have always HATED getting writing assignments and being forced to write about them. Maybe one day this week I’ll actually write about the topic. Or all of them at once…who knows with me. 🙂

Sn@tch Cupcake Pasties!!

If you are any normal member of the human race, you love cupcakes! (And if you don’t, you’re missing out!) Ivey Deschanel has put out an adorable FREE set of Cupcake Pasties at Sn@tch to satisfy your SL sweet tooth! I meant to blog these earlier, but things got in my way. They’re on the main table in the gift box right as you enter the store…but hurry, Ivey also changes her freebies a lot so grab them quick!

The panties I’m wearing here are a steal from Rock Me Amadeus Lingerie. They’re only $25L for 8 cute colors, and they’re on the same wall in-store with a sexy dollarbie & the MM Board. I won this kinky, sexy “Punk Red” dress set off the MM board last night, and it’s super hot!

I decided just to show you guys this before I post my BBBC Entry for’s coming later tonight!

Other Credits: Skin by L.Fauna, Pumps by Pixel Mode, Hair by

BBBC Week: Day One!!

So, last night I signed up to do the Big Bad Blogger Challenge Week, and I’m super excited about it! I kind of spent all day preparing for my post tonight…but the funny thing is, I think I wore myself out preparing. Last night, I finally bought the Pixel Mode Fallingwater House, and wanted to spend all day today decorating it, blahblahblah. Instead, I spent most of today shopping for furniture to fill it with…and to be honest, I’m exhausted. I know it doesn’t sound like an exhausting job..but, if you knew the way I shop….you’d understand.

Yay! Welcome Home! Hee! I just love this house…it’s the perfect size, and it’s beautiful!

This is basically what you’ll find me doing most every day, in RL and SL. (This adorable little blogger’s set is from What Next, btw.) I’m kind of disappointed in myself right now, because it’s been such a long day and I’m so tired, but I wanted this first post to be amazing, since it’s my first challenge I’m participating in. But somehow, I can’t find the energy or creativity to write some long lengthy thing about what my brain is thinking…because, to be honest, I don’t even know what I’m thinking right now. I’m just so ready for bed!

Goodnight, and I promise that tomorrow’s post will be better!

Love, Mally ❤