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Skipping over Halloween

Am I the only person on the planet that really just doesn’t like Halloween? I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but now it’s just gotten too big of a mess for me to enjoy. Years ago, you could only buy things like fake spiders and skeletons, which were a nice spooky touch without being too scary. But now, you can buy displays that include bodies that are cut in half and hanging from the ceiling, making some sort of horrific intestinal chandelier. When my RL fiance and I went to our local Halloween shop last weekend, I was pretty freaked out by all of the terrible looking things you could buy. There were people with children in strollers shopping in there, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the half-eaten bodies were affecting them at all. There was even one display with half a body cut open, and a possum was stuck inside the lower half. You would press a button and the possum would begin moving, and the “victim”, which resembled some kind of zombie, would writhe and yelp in pain. I know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but in my opinion, Halloween specialty stores should have just stuck to the fake ghosts and goblins. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good horror movie, but for some reason, Halloween and I just aren’t on speaking terms this year. Maybe I’m just a Debbie Downer, but I feel like the super gruesome things should be made only for the movies in Hollywood, not for your front yard. After all, those movies are rated “R” for a reason.

Anyway, in the spirit of my Halloween boycott, I figured that I would waste no time skipping right over Halloween to Winter in order to show you these coats! I first saw them on Love’s post on the FabFree Blog, and I went to pick up a copy for myself, because this is an offer too good to pass up if you’re in need of a plush winter coat!


The free group gift coat comes in 4 colors, and I’m showing you 2 here. It comes in green, red, black, and white, and it is mesh w/an included alpha layer. This coat is super fluffy and warm, for those days when you need extra layers!

Have a happy Halloween, everyone, and stay safe!!

Coat: Mesh “Pimp Coat” in Green & Red by Splash (Free Group Gift)
Jeans: Dana 76 in Dark by Decoy
Boots: Mesh Suede Boots in Brown by DollCoco (Free Group Gift)
Scarf: Autumn Scarf V1 by Bubble
Hair: Anna in Anxious Blond by
Eyes: Ellis in Cloud by LeLutka
Skin: Elly in Honey/Angelic/LtBrow by Pink Fuel
Makeup: Doll Gloss in Beestung (for Elly) by Pink Fuel
Nails: Metallic Gradient Nails by Izzie’s

Poses by Long Awkward Pose & Tram
Photo Location: Winter Holiday Village


I love Fall!

Hi guys!
So it’s been a while since my last post…..I’ve been super super busy with school (college takes over your whole life!) and honestly, I’ve just been feeling a bit uninspired recently. But I decided to get over that today and blog this, haha.

I love fall so much. To me, there are few things better than putting on a comfortable sweater, some adorable boots, and going outside to sip hot cider with friends around a campfire. I’ve actually been wearing this outfit a lot in SL recently, so I figured that I might as well blog it!



I hope you all are having a great fall season, and my prayers, hugs, and love go out to all who are affected by Hurricane Sandy. I live in SC, so it’s been ice cold and super windy here, but our weather is nothing compared to the devastation some are experiencing. I hope and pray that you all stay safe. ❤

Sweater: Irish Dropshoulder sweater in Orange by Sakide
Jeans: Dana 76 in Dark by Decoy
Boots: Secret Boots in Cocoa by Elikatira
Scarf: Autumn Scarf V1 by Bubble
Ring: Vintage Ring 02 by Shakeup! (For Arcade)
Hair: Violetta in Vanilla by Exile (Free Subscribo Gift!)
Skin: Elly in Honey/Angelic/Lt Brow by Pink Fuel
Nails: French Nails by Izzie’s

Poses by Diesel Works

Photo Location: The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse


Hey, y’all! So Ricielli is having another hunt like the one I previously blogged, and it’s called the Halloween Hunt. There are 20 easy-to-find pumpkins around the mesh department, and each pumpkin is $15L. Of course, all of the items are steals because they’re awesome quality for such a cheap price! I’m really loving these hunts Ricielli has….they’re perfect for adding layerable & mix-and-match items to your wardrobe!

If you want to see a preview vendor pic of all the hunt items, visit Love Trill’s post on the FabFree blog here!

I just threw together this look with 2 of the items I bought. I’ve been working my butt off this semester, so I’m not feeling very creative or inspired today….hence the reason this post is rather plain. (Sorry!) I think this look is really cute, but it’s definitely not what I wear to study in RL! I’m usually in sweatpants and a t-shirt! 😉
Ricielli Halloween Hunt 2

Ricielli Halloween Hunt 1

Hope your week has been great! Love you guys XOXOXO


Jacket: Mesh Blazer in Wine by Ricielli (For the Halloween Hunt)

Jeans: “Anna” Mesh Jeans in Black by Ricielli (For the Halloween Hunt)

Shirt: “The Sipowicz” by Pig (past gift)

Shoes: “Baby T’s” in Black by Pixel Mode

Necklace: “Tea Time” by LouLou & Co. (past hunt gift)

Ring: “Harvest Ring” by Chop Zuey (Free gift in-store, especially for FabFree!)

Glasses: “Choucream Glasses” by Duboo

Hair: “Studio” in Blonde 07 by Elikatira

Skin: “Elly” in Honey/Angelic/LtBrow by Pink Fuel

Eyes: “Ellis” in Cloud by LeLutka

Furniture: “Blogger’s Office/Blogger’s Armchair” set by What Next

Binder on desk: “Reeker Keeper” by Reek

Poses by Diesel Works & Long Awkward Pose

All About Autumn Fair: Acorn Hunt

There’s a new event going on right now at the Old Europe sim called the “All About Autumn Fair”. About 40 designers are participating, and you can browse a selection of their stuff on individual carts. There is also an event named “The Acorn Hunt”, which includes a freebie on each cart, hidden in an acorn that you have to find. I got some really great stuff!

Acorn Hunt 1

This dress is the gift from the Snowpaws cart. It comes with a system layer shirt, glitch pants, a prim belt, and a prim skirt. I had to move the belt up a little bit, because it fit a little weird out of the box, but it was no big deal! I guess it would be safe to say nobody really wears “prim” clothes anymore, but this dress is so cute! I’d definitely still wear this.

Acorn Hunt 2

The next gift is a mesh fall-print dress from the Flame Fashion cart. I’ve paired it with the necklace gift from Bliensen & Maitai, and added a clutch from the BSD Design Studio cart.

The skin I’m wearing in both pictures is the very pretty & nicely detailed fall skin gift from the Style By Kira cart. My nails are also part of the Acorn Hunt from Candy Nail. Both of these outfits were created almost entirely for free!

Hurry over to the All About Autumn Fair today!


Top Pic:

Dress: “Terrene” Dress in Rosebud by Snowpaws (Acorn Hunt)

Bottom Pic:

Dress: “Acorn Hunt Mesh Dress” by Flame Fashion (Acorn Hunt)

Necklace: “Autumn Chunks Necklace” by Bliensen & Maitai (Acorn Hunt)

Clutch: “Pretissimo Clutch” in Chilly by BSD Design Studio (Acorn Hunt)

Both Pictures:

Nails: “Acorn Hunt” Nails by Candy Nail (Acorn Hunt)

Skin: “Serenity” Autumn Fair 01 Skin in Opt.2 by Style By Kira (Acorn Hunt)

Hair: “Mood” in Blonde 07 by Elikatira

Boots: “Secret Boots” in Cocoa by Elikatira

Eyes: “Ellis” in Cloud by LeLutka

Poses: Glitterati

Pics taken at the Old Europe Sim