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Good Vibrations

Hey everyone! How’s your summer going? Hopefully it’s full of fabulous! This post is inspired by and brought to you by popsicles and suntan lotion. 🙂


Look 1:
Kimono/Undershirt: Summer Kimono in Floral by Tres Blah (for SummerFest)
Shorts: Cut off Jeans Shorts in #7 by Maitreya
Shoes: Kokomo Sandals in Sand by Fri.day (SummerFest)
Necklace: Take Flight necklace in Silver by Mon Tissu


Look 2:
Bikini: Ariara Bikini in Watermelon by BOOM (Summerfest)
Shoes: Fruit Shoe Gacha by Boudoir (OMGacha Festival)


Look 3:
Bikini: Swimsuit in Stripes by Pixicat (Summerfest)
Shoes: Roma Pumps Gacha in Violet by *YS&YS* (OMGacha)
Bag: Velleri bag Gacha in Lemon by *YS&YS* (OMGacha)

I just love summer. Listening to The Beach Boys always helps me get in a summery mood!

Other Credits:
Hair in all 3 looks by Truth
Skin by Pink Fuel
Hands/Feet by Slink
Poses by Glitterati


look#1: La Boheme

You know those summer days where it’s just too hot to look cute, so you just throw something together?

La Boheme

Hair: Truth
Skin: Pink Fuel
Hands/Feet: Slink
Dress: Emery (Old Collabor88)
Shoes: Pure Poison (New Group Gift)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
Sunglasses: Mon Tissu
Poses by Glitterati
Taken at the Hotel Chelsea

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…..

Now that I officially have a full time job, I don’t have much time for anything anymore. Basically, my life consists of working, eating, and sleeping….and not much else! I am very proud that I at least have a job, though. I do love the company I work for and the people I work with (minus a few…lol). My look today is based off of what I wear to work IRL.


I’ll tell you a little bit about what I do: I’m a leasing agent for apartment homes. My job is a marketing position, so it requires me to be on my “A-game” 24/7. I’ve never really been in a marketing position, I’ve only ever been in customer service, so learning to sell to people is very new to me. And even though I have to work on weekends, I don’t mind it too much because I get paid an extra dollar an hour for Saturdays and Sundays!


Hucci has been one of my favorite brands in SL for a long time, and when I saw these Manteo sandals, I fell in love!! I knew they would go perfectly with the Hannah blazer and Jala capris. I was seriously tempted to buy them in every color…everything in Eboni’s store is so trendy and colorful. I love all things glamorous! You guys should definitely check out her store! (Eboni also sends out great group gifts…hint, hint!) Here’s her website and marketplace link as well.

I actually just bought the car you see in the picture here. It’s a replica of the FIAT 500, from Haru Motors. Haru makes some amazing vehicles….I had a very hard time choosing between this one and the VW Beetle!!


Wouldn’t it be nice to just buy a new car or house IRL for super cheap like it is in SL? But then again….I guess that’s what’s part of what makes SL so special!

Hair:“Candy” in light blondes 02 by Truth
Skin: *NEW* “Harley” in Peach by Pink Fuel
Blazer: “Hannah” Blazer in Midnight by Hucci
Pants: “Jala” Capris in Midnight by Hucci
Tank Top: “Intrinsic Tanks” in Strawberry by Jane (*FREE!*)
Shoes: “Manteo Sandals” in Midnight by Hucci (Addon for Slink)
Ring: “Triangle Ring” in Hot Pink by Hucci
Necklace: “Uva” set by Miel (past gift)
Phone in hand: Phone in White by Zulu (marketplace)
Feet: Mesh feet from Slink
Makeup: Harley addons by Pink Fuel
Car: Haru Motors

Poses by Glitterati.

Same Old Song & Dance

So what’s the right way to start off this post? Hi? Hello? Sorry I haven’t actually blogged anything in over a year?

You know, it’s almost 4am. I’m really not going to get into the details of why I left SL for a little while (okay, a long time. Like a year). I’m not going to bore you with needless ranting about my mom having cancer and trying to get back into college and getting engaged and all that jazz. A lot has happened since my last blog post (which is, ironically titled, “I’m baaaaack!” and obviously, I was only baaaaaack for one blog post).

I honestly don’t know why I let my RL get in the way so much. I genuinely enjoy logging into SL and pretending to be someone else for a while. I enjoy being on Plurk and reading about everyone else’s crazy lives, and I enjoy sharing bits of my own. So, I really don’t have an answer as to why. Maybe it’s because I’m really busy in real life, and hardly have any extra money to really spend in SL on what I want. And even though I label myself as a “fashion blogger”, I’ve never asked any designer for anything, because I’m just not comfortable with that. I’ve always just bought it myself.

At the moment, I’m a homeless resident, aimlessly wandering the desolate prim streets, searching for a purpose (haha). I’ve been kicked out of sandboxes for rezzing too many prims or being naked while organizing my inventory, and I’ve been bothered by countless noobs (mostly men, who seem to be just DYING to poke me with a prim penis). Most of my friends I had before are hardly ever online, and the sim I lived on doesn’t exist anymore. And, in this Second Life, there’s no government assistance, meaning I’m forced to live a destitute life and find a sandbox that hasn’t banned me to rez a bed in. No food stamps, no government-funded healthcare.

ANYWAY, of course I’ve attempted to enable shadows and try and take nice pictures (I’d like to think I’m still photogenic, even for a homeless person), and what do you know, the brand-new computer I bought like a year ago (that set me back almost $1000) DOESN’T DO IT. NO SHADOWS. NONE. ZILCH. #$%$%&^&&$##$%@$^.

So, in honor of how shitty my computer is, I took rainy pictures today, because rain makes me feel depressed, and my luck with SL lately has been, well, depressing. That was also a run-on sentence.

Oh, well. Enjoy my really crappy quality pictures that I found out were WAY too dark after I spent forever taking them because everything was so laggy and I couldn’t find my poses and everything was just crap. Also a run-on sentence. Pssh. Love you guys. Thanks for putting up with me. ❤

Mesh Coat: in Lemon by Ricielli for The Dressing Room (or you can get it here at Ricielli Mesh)

Earrings: “Always” by Bens Beauty (Sorry, I don’t have a LM, these were sent to the Virtual Fashion Feed Bloggers group)

Boots: Slink “Marina” boots in Tan

Tanktop (underneath coat) by fri.day

Hair: Truth “Sandra” (Light Blondes)

Skin: Pink Fuel “Elly” in Honey (Lt Brow)

Eyes: LeLutka “Ellis” in Cloud

Umbrella & Poses by Glitterati