Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie

**So I haven’t blogged in several months…RL took me away for a bit. I moved to a new city and my mom had a lot of health issues with cancer and things, but everything is settled now! I just want to say thank you for your continued support of me & my blog. It means more to me than you know!**

Seldom Blue has released a beautiful new set of lingerie! It’s called “Lottie” and it comes in SO many different options!! IndigoBlue has been so thoughtful in also including a *new* feature in this set….HUD appliers! All of the new Lottie sets come with Lolas & Slink appliers!

Here is the first option you can choose…’s the cincher & babydoll set in black & pink. Here I am wearing the half cup bra with the babydoll top.

Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_7

This is the full cup bra & cincher with the stockings. I LOVE that there are so many mix-and-match options with this set.

Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_6
Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_5

I also wanted to show you the other underwear option if you get the full bra & peekaboo bra set. It has no cinchers or babydolls, it’s just the bra & panty set. But, you get the option of a half or full bra, and either a thong or a cheeky panty. I am wearing the half cup bra with the cheeky panties, and I was trying to not make my nipples obvious in order to avoid this post being NSFW! Lol.

Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_4

Here is a new feature IndigoBlue is now offering…’s a mesh babydoll set! This is the cami & corset set…it comes with a mesh cami that I’m wearing here, and also a texture corset. I love the mix of the different styles!

Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_3

And last but not least, I wanted to show you the special right now. This is the Lottie Lingerie set in Blush, and it’s in her store for only $1L right now! It comes with the bra, thong, stockings, babydoll, and HUD appliers mentioned above. It is a STEAL at $1L, and it is also my favorite color! It’s so romantic and pretty……..and I wanted to show you just how different of a look you can get with this set.

Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_2
Seldom Blue Lottie Lingerie_1

Pick up Lottie Lingerie at Seldom Blue!

Other Credits:

Hair: Truth, Carrie/Colbie
Skin/Makeup: Pink Fuel, Harley Peach
Hands/Feet: Slink
Shoes: Hucci, Yoro/Pinup Peep
Breasts: Lolas Tango
Ring: Tea.s, Little Love Ring
Poses: Glitterati


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